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Visa Electron & MasterCard Maestro Momentum Instant Debit Cards

International entry-level cards are ideal for shopping within the Russian Federation and for cash withdrawals within the Sberbank ATM network.

  • Charge-free service
  • Account currency: RUB, USD*, EUR*
  • Discounts and special offers from Visa and MasterCard payment systems

* if you get a loan granted in the same currency.

Visa Electron and MasteCard Maestro international cards are entry-level cards, offering you a whole range of banking services on a no-fee basis: cashless payment, transfer, and remote account management. Instant cards do not bear the holder's name and are issued upon conclusion of a General Bank Services Agreement.

Payment system:Visa, MasterCard
Currency of card account:RUB, USD*, EUR*
Card effective period:3 years
Service fee:free of charge
Electronic chip protection:yes
Issue of additional bank cards:no
Overdraft limit:no
Issued as part of a payroll card programme:no

Requirements for the customer:

  • aged from 14 years

The Bank may decide to issue a card to non-residents of the Russian Federation and persons with no permanent residence on an individual basis.

To obtain a card:

  1. visit a Sberbank office;
  2. present your Russian passport;
  3. sign any documents required for conclusion of the General Bank Services Agreement.
  • Remote account management via Mobile Bank and Sberbank Online.
  • Thank You from Sberbank bonus programme.
  • Discount and privilege programmes from Visa ( and MasterCard ( international payment systems.
  • Autopayment
  • Secure online transactions
  • Cashless transfer (debiting, transfer) via ATMs and self-service terminals
  • Cashless payment for goods and services in Russia
  • Online payment for goods and services
  • Cash withdrawal via Sberbank ATMs
  • Payment and transfer via Mobile Bank and Sberbank Online
  • Payment and transfer via Sberbank ATMs and terminals
  • Card account replenishment by cash or cashless settlement (transfer to a card)
  1. Transfer of funds from a Sberbank of Russia debit card:
    - via the Internet using Sberbank Online;
    - via mobile phone using Mobile Bank;
    - via ATMs or payment terminals of Sberbank of Russia.
  2. Cash crediting to a card account via Sberbank of Russia ATMs with cash-acceptance option.
  3. Cashless transfer to a card account from other accounts, including via third-party banks.

    You need to specify bank details of Sberbank of Russia to make a cashless transfer.

    You need to specify bank details of a servicing Sberbank office to replenish your debit card account.

    Indicate the following information in the purpose of payment:

    - customer\'s surname, name, patronymic (in full)
    - card number
    - account number.

    Important: the funds will be credited to the account on the next business day at the latest after the funds are received by the Sberbank of Russia office.

  4. Money transfers to Sberbank MasterCard and Visa using MasterCard MoneySend ( ) and Visa Payment and Transfer (

    MasterCard MoneySend ( and Visa Payment and Transfer ( are a convenient and fast way to replenish a Sberbank card account by cash settlement or cashless transfer from MasterCard® or Visa cards (of other banks) to your Sberbank card within the same payment system. The services are available via ATMs, Internet, mobile phones and self-service terminals that support the service (owned by any company).

    You need to know only the recipient's card number to make a transfer.

    How to transfer funds to a Sberbank card:

    For MasterCard — download MasterCard Mobile application (for iPhone/iPad) to your mobile phone or visit, register your MasterCard and, following the guidelines, transfer the funds.

    For MasterCard and Visa — via ATM or self-service terminal that support this service:

    - insert your third-party bank card in the ATM card receiver
    - following the screen prompts, enter the Sberbank card number (within the same payment system) and the amount to be transferred
    - confirm the transfer.

    Cash transfer is available via ATMs with a cash-acceptance option owned by banks listed on the respective service webpage.

    Important: it takes from 2 minutes to 3 days for the funds to be credited to an account.

  5. Card account replenishment by a Sberbank operative at a Sberbank office:

    - using the card number: all you need is to specify the card number and present your passport.
    - to a card account (in RUB only): you need to specify the bank details of the regional bank of Sberbank of Russia that issued the credit card and the account number to be replenished.

    Note! You can always receive the information on transactions and the total balance of Sberbank cards:

    - by regular mail or e-mail (as you choose) — the Bank will provide a monthly card statement;
    - by a text message sent to your mobile phone via Mobile Bank;
    - via Sberbank Online — you can independently generate a card statement for the period that interests you;
    - via the contact centre of Sberbank of Russia.


Card Locking in Case of Loss