1841 bank established
70% population of Russia using our services
11 territorial banks
14 000 branches in all 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation

Sberbank today

Sberbank today is the largest bank in Russia and a leading international financial institution. It is Russia’s most valuable brand and one of the world’s top 25 brands.

Sberbank has 11 Regional Banks that are responsible for the functioning of more than 14,000 branches in 83 of Russia’s regions. The bank’s international network is made up of subsidiaries, branches and representative offices in 21 countries, including Russia, CIS , the UK, US, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Leader of the Banking Industry

Sberbank today is the circulatory system of the Russian economy, accounting for one third of its banking system. The Bank provides employment and a source of income for every 150th Russian family.

Sberbank offers the widest selection of banking services for retail customers: from traditional deposits and various types of loans to bank cards, money transfers, bank insurance and brokerage services.

All retail loans are underwritten by Sberbank through the Credit Factory system, designed for effective assessment of credit risks and ensuring the high quality of the credit portfolio.

In its pursuit of even more convenient, modern and processable service, Sberbank is continually improving the opportunities of customers to control their accounts remotely. The Bank has established a system of remote service channels which comprises:

  • Оnline banking Sberbank Online (over 14.5 million active users)
  • Smartphone application Sberbank Online (over 48 million users)
  • SMS-Bank (over 76 million active users)
  • One of the largest networks of ATMs and self-service terminals in the world (over 77 thousand terminals)

Sberbank is the largest issuer of debit and credit cards. Through a joint bank with BNP Paribas, Sberbank operates as a POS-lender under the Cetelem brand using the 'responsible lending' concept.

Over 1 million enterprises (out of 4.5 million legal entities registered in Russia) are customers of Sberbank. The Bank services all groups of corporate customers, small and medium-sized businesses accounting for 35% of the Bank's corporate credit portfolio. The remaining portion is attributed to crediting large and major corporate customers.

Sberbank today is a team of over 260 thousand qualified professionals who work to turn the Bank into the best service company with world class products and services.

International network

The Group is present in 21 countries, including the Russian Federation. In addition to CIS markets, Sberbank operates in Central and Eastern Europe. Sberbank also has representative offices in Germany and China and a branch office in India. In 2013, the Sberbank brand was officially launched in Europe.

Sberbank CIB, the Group’s corporate and investment banking business, has offices in New York, London, and Nicosia, which operate globally and specialise in brokerage and dealer services in foreign markets and with foreign clients. Sberbank’s subsidiary, Sberbank (Switzerland) AG, is a platform for trade finance and structured loan deals. It carries out operations in global markets and provides transactional banking services to clients.


The Central Bank of the Russian Federation is the principal shareholder and founder of Sberbank of Russia, holding 50% of the share capital plus one voting share. Both international and Russian investors feature among the shareholders of Sberbank of Russia.
The Bank's ordinary and preferred shares have been publicly traded on the Russian exchange markets since 1996. American Depositary Receipts are listed on the London Stock Exchange, they are admitted to trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and the OTC market of the US.


General Banking Licence of the Central Bank of Russia 1481. The Bank's corporate website – http://www.sberbank.ru/.