Sberbank of Russia is managed under the corporativity principle in line with the Corporate Governance Code approved at the Annual General Shareholders' Meeting in June 2002. All the Bank's management bodies are formed in compliance with the Bank's Charter and Russian Federation legislation.

The Bank's management bodies:

The General Shareholders' Meeting is the supreme management body of Sberbank of Russia. It is competent to adopt resolutions on general issues related to the Bank's operations including amendments to the Bank's Charter, electing members to the Supervisory Board and Audit Commission, and electing the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer.
Matters within the remit of the Bank's General Shareholders' Meeting.

The Supervisory Board generally manages the Bank, sets priorities in its operations, calls the Shareholders' Meeting and prepares its agenda; the Supervisory Board also appoints the members of the Bank's Executive Board.

The Supervisory Board is formed by 17 directors: 5 representatives of the Bank of Russia, 2 representatives of Sberbank and 7 independent directors*.

* Under FFMS rules

The Executive Board manages the Bank's day-to-day operations, discusses in advance matters tabled for Supervisory Board and the Shareholder's Meeting consideration and prepares draft decisions in regard thereof.

There are 13 members of the Board, headed by the Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. With effect from November 2007, this position is held by Herman Gref, formerly Russia's Minister for Economic Development and Trade.

The Executive Board consists of 14 members. It is headed by CEO, Chairman of the Executive Board.