Vision and Development Priorities

Our vision of Sberbank in 2018 is based on five key development areas or strategic themes. We believe that the work focused on these areas will lead us to success by helping to achieve all financial and quality targets that we set to ourselves for the period up to the end of 2018.

These five areas are as follows:

  • With the customer for life – We will build deep relationships of trust with our customers, and we will become a useful, sometimes imperceptible but still an integral part of their lives. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers;
  • Team and corporate culture – We strive to ensure that our employees and the corporate culture of Sberbank become one of the key sources of our competitive advantage;
  • Technological breakthrough – We will complete the technological modernisation of the Bank and learn to integrate all of the most sophisticated technology and innovation in our business;
  • Financial performance – We will improve the financial returns of our business through more effective cost management and the risk-return ratio;
  • Mature organisation – We will build the organisational and managerial skills, creating processes that are in line with the scale of Sberbank Group and our ambitions.

You can review the Development Strategy of Sberbank in full by following this link: