Sberbank Magyarország Zrt.

Magyarorszagi Volksbank Zrt
Rákóczi út 7
1088 Budapest, Hungary
T +36 (0)1 328 66 66
F +36 (0)1 328 66 60
CEO: Richard Szabó

Sberbank Magyarország Zrt. has been successfully operating in the Hungarian market since 1993. The acquisition by Sberbank opened new opportunities and facilities for Magyarországi Volksbank Zrt. Capital adequacy, banking culture, financial know-how, product intelligence and commitment represented by Sberbank guarantee the long-term success and stable operation of the bank. Currently, the network of Magyarországi Volksbank Zrt. includes 52 branch offices. In addition to retail customers, the bank is providing services to local and international businesses, ranging from micro, small and medium-size enterprises to large multinational clients. Our vision is to become a focused, lean, modern, customer-centric and decisive banking player in Hungary, benefiting from Sberbank’s brand, reputation and technology.