The Bank's priorities in corporate social responsibility

Promotion of the country's economic development

Development of small business and entrepreneurship; the Bank's participation in major, national-scale projects, including those through public private partnership. The Bank's endeavours in this area will facilitate new employment opportunities, development of regional economies, including by increasing the Bank's and its customers' tax payments to state budgets of various levels.

Quality assurance of products and services

Elimination of queues in the Bank's branches, delays in accounting and processing of applications; investigation of complaints sent to the Bank as an important source of information for improving the Bank's activity and competitiveness; ensuring the required reliability and safety level for the Bank's products and services.

Accessibility of financial services

High-quality expansion of the Bank's branch network, development of remote banking channels, accessibility of financial services for disabled people. These steps are designed to expand the access of different sections of the public to financial services and convenient banking service.

Responsible finance

Provision of comprehensive information on loan terms and conditions to the Bank's customers, and in case of corporate financing - conducting environmental and other inspections to identify the possible environmental impact of projects, financing the reequipment of companies using energy saving technologies; the Bank shall refuse to grant loans to gambling businesses* and pawnshops.
*As defined in Federal Law No. 244-FZ dated December 29, 2006 On State Regulation of Gambling Activities and Introduction of Amendments to Particular Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation.

Improvement of the financial literacy of the population

Introduction of special measures to improve the financial literacy of the population, awareness of the Bank's customers and consumers of various age groups and social status about the Bank's products and services, development of their practice of using the Bank's products and services in their day-to-day life, and clarification of the practical benefits of their use. 

Socially oriented products and services

Development of products and services that contribute to solving social problems, including home loans, education loans, loans for young families, special products and services for pensioners, promotion of the universal electronic card, execution of state social transfer and tax payments. The Bank offers these products and services balancing its commercial interests and interests of these social groups. 

Investment in human capital

The Bank's orientation towards increasing its competitiveness by constantly improving existing processes based on the Sberbank Production System (SPS) and implementation of state-of-the-art breakthrough processes and management solutions. The Bank believes innovations are a tool to ensure customer loyalty and increase employee motivation. Investment in human capital means continuous training of personnel, organisation of professional contests and competitions, and the formation of candidate pool and career advancement systems. Investment in human capital is an investment not only in the health of employees, but also in sports programmes, disease prevention programmes, and social, medical and pension insurance programmes. 

Support for local communities

The Bank's practical participation in implementing various initiatives that facilitate the development of local communities and local regions where the Bank operates. 

Charitable activity and sponsorship

The Bank's participation in charitable activity and volunteer programmes to support childcare centres and social institutions (including children's homes and hospitals), support social projects and initiatives, charitable organisations and funds etc. 
The Bank's support and active involvement in socially significant cultural, art, science and education projects, major business events (forums, conferences, exhibitions), publishing industry and special media projects, support of national sport and the Olympic movement, active participation in preparation for the 22nd Winter Olympics in Sochi (2014) as a General Partner.

Minimization of negative environmental impact

Introduction of resource-saving initiatives (energy/water consumption etc.) and efficient environmental management, implementation of carbon financing projects and financing of energy-saving measures. 

Responsible corporate conduct

Observance by the Bank's officers and executives of ethical practices and rules as defined by the Bank's Development Strategy, combating corruption, human rights violations, countering any discrimination within the Bank, prevention of the violation of minority shareholders' rights; development of communication channels that allow for the Bank's effective liaison with stakeholders as per the accountability and transparency principles contained in this Policy.