As per the Bank's Policy, Stakeholders mean individuals and legal entities or groups of persons who influence the Bank and its activity and/or are influenced by the Bank (customers, employees, shareholders, governmental authorities, public organisations etc.).

When defining the objectives of its relationship with stakeholders, the Bank is governed by its Mission, Development Strategy and expert evaluations of the possible influence of a particular individual (group of persons) on the Bank's operation or reputation.

To implement its CSR Policy, the Bank distinguishes the following main stakeholders and their classes:

CustomersCorporate customersCustomers use the Bank's services. The Bank's stability depends greatly on their preferences. Almost every family in Russia enjoys the Bank's services. The Bank holds over half of the population's savings and is the largest lender in the Russian economy. Enterprises and businesses that contribute significantly to the national GDP have accounts opened with the Bank.
Retail customers
EmployeesEmployeesThe Bank is the largest employer in the Russian Federation – it provides employment to over 200,000 people. The officers are the Bank's core asset, they interact with customers and create the Bank's reputation, support the development of its infrastructure, and ensure the implementation of the Bank's strategy and business missions.
Society (local communities)Society (local communities)The Bank operates in each constituent entity of the Russian Federation, the vast majority of regional centres of the Russian Federation, and, consequently, actively engages with society (local communities). Its activity is inextricably linked to the social and environmental spheres in which it operates.
Shareholders and InvestorsMajorityOver 100,000 people are listed in the Bank's shareholder register. The Bank is a public company with its securities traded both on Russian and foreign markets. Shareholders' influence is determined by the applicable laws, and the Bank's corporate governance practice. The Bank strives to increase its market capitalization and is interested in transparent and open interaction with its shareholders.
GovernmentFederal authoritiesThe Bank is a major taxpayer, and participates in the implementation of essential state projects and programmes, both federal and regional. The Government, represented by its authorities and companies where it has a participating interest, is an important partner and a customer of the Bank.
Regional authorities
Municipal authorities