Russian Auction House Open Joint-Stock Company

Russian Auction House Open Joint-Stock Company (RAD OJSC) was established with the participation of Sberbank of Russia in 2009.

RAD arranges classical auctions and e-auctions involving both English (increasing the suggested opening bid) and Dutch (decreasing the suggested opening bid) systems. E-trading is conducted via a proprietary electronic platform.

The company sells extrajudicially the pledged property used as loan security, assets of bankrupt enterprises, state and private property, antiques and works of art.  Sberbank of Russia cooperates with RAD on the sale of pledged property used as loan security and for the Bank’s non-core assets.

The company incorporates branches in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Rostov-on-Don, Novosibirsk, Tyumen and plans to expand its branch network.

CEO of Russian Auction House: Andrey Stepanenko.

The Company's Deputy CEOs:

  • Konstantin Raev (in charge of bank liaison and sale of private owners' property);
  • Dinara Useinova (in charge of disposal of movable assets and real estate of state corporations, and disposal of non-core assets of major joint-stock companies in the Russian Federation);
  • Irina Olshannikova (in charge of the company's strategic development, branch network expansion, marketing and assessment);
  • Olga Sokolova (in charge of disposal of federal property and property of state corporations).

Contact details:

Phone for customer enquiries, federal number: 8-800-777-57-57
E-trading platform website:

Head office location: 5 Grivtsova Side Street, St Petersburg 190000 
Phone: (812) 777-57-57