On January 23, 2012, Sberbank of Russia and Troika Dialog announced the closure of the deal for Sberbank’s acquisition of 100% of Troika Dialog’s equity capital. As a result of the subsequent integration, the corporate & investment banking business was created, which has been operating under the Sberbank CIB brand since October 8, 2012.

Sberbank CIB’s key areas of activity are corporate finance (including trade finance), the documentary business1, investment banking services, trade operations with securities, and private equity. Sberbank of Russia’s corporate & investment banking business provides integrated financial solutions and investment advisory services to its clients, which include major corporations, financial institutions, sovereign states and federal and sub-federal government bodies and organisations.

Sberbank CIB. Key Facts and Figures

  • Services over 7,000 companies, including the corporate sector, financial institutions and government agencies.
  • The volume of the loan portfolio for “largest clients” as of the end of Q1 2015 was RUB 7.35 tln2.
  • One of the leading market-makers for equity and fixed income products in Russia, making prices from 8 am Moscow time, before the rest of the Russian market opens, until the New York Stock Exchange closes at midnight Moscow time.
  • One of the largest and most qualified analytical teams in Russia, the specialists from which are regularly featured at the top of international rankings of analysts.
  • Wide spectrum of research products – from daily share and debt securities market overviews to monthly reviews of the economy and strategy, industry and issuer outlooks, and a number of other reports.

Contacts in Russia

United Information Centre:
Phone: +7 (495) 258 0500

1 Banking products and services provided by Sberbank of Russia
2 Financing provided by Sberbank of Russia