Insurance Company Sberbank Life Insurance (IC Sberbank Life Insurance)

Insurance Company, Sberbank Life Insurance, is an affiliated company of Sberbank of Russia, that specializes in life insurance programmes (which includes corporate insurance), endowment and investment insurance.

Licence 77 С 3692 dd. February 5, 2013.

Development of the life insurance market is one of Sberbank’s one of the top 3 life insurance companies in the Russian market. At year-end 2013 the volume of accrued insurance premiums amounted to 9.5 billion rubles.

Out of this sum 7.5 billion rubles were accrued under the long-term endowment and investment insurance products, 13,805 insurance contracts were concluded. Actuarial reserve and assets amounted to 8 and 10.5 billion rubles respectively.

The sole shareholder of Sberbank Lfe Insurance — Joint stock company Sberbank of Russia, is one of the biggest and robust banks of the Russian Federation, it has people’s trust and brand awareness.

With this in mind, at the beginning of 2012 the Bank bought a life insurance company. In April 2012 Maxim Chernin, chairman of the All-Russian Union of Insurers Committee on development of life insurance market, was named CEO of the company. In September 2012, the company was renamed LLC Insurance company Sberbank Insurance (and since July 2014 – LLC Insurance company Sberbank Life Insurance) and announced the start of sales of private credit life insurance. On November 12, 2012 the sales of endowment and investment insurance programmes started.

Programmes and sales

JSC Sberbank of Russia is not only the sole shareholder of Sberbank Life Insurance but also its partner in insurance services promotion on the territory of the Russian Federation. Products of Sberbank Life Insurance can be bought at all bank branches; since November 2012, long-term life insurance products can be bought at more than 1,947 bank sales territories of Sberbank Premier and at more than 153 offices of Sberbank First in Sberbank Private Banking. Sales of risk insurance products are made via the Sberbank subsidiary bank Setelem Bank.

Endowment insurance programmes:

  • The Family Active programme - is the insurance coverage in the event the death of the family breadwinner and at the same time guarantees savings for a certain period of time. A wide range of additional risks are available and may be added.
  • The First Capital programme supposes payout of targeted savings to a child at the policy end date. Moreover in case of the decease of the adult or his disability (1 or 2 disability group) obligation to pay instalments devolves upon the insurance company. There also is a possibility of attachment of the wide range of additional risks.

Investment Insurance Programmes:

SmartPolice - is a smart decision for smart investors:

  • Unique management strategy with risk control in the stock market;
  • Potentially high investment income;
  • Guaranteed security of invested assets;
  • All the profits of life insurance protection.

Programme of private credit life insurance:

The programme of collective life and health credit insurance of JST Sberbank of Russia is a programme that helps to protect client’s financial obligations towards the bank resulting from a client’s loss of health due to illness or accident.

Life insurance packaged product

  • The Head of the Family programme offers a real possibility to keep the financial well-being of the family in case something happens to the head of the family
  • The Protection of the Loved Ones programme is the person’s care about the most significant people expressed in the compensation for lost income in case this person temporarily loses the capacity to work because of injuries, as well as guaranteeing an adequate level of treatment.
  • The Passbook programm is life insurance with 100% return of the contribution

Mission and values

The mission of the insurance company Sberbank Life Insurance was approved in 2013:

We work to help people not to be afraid to plan their future and to stop living day-to-day. Thanks to our products your dreams, ambitions and what you promises yourself and your loved ones, will be kept no matter what.

Sberbank Life Insurance describes itself as a "reliable and honest expert, who cares and is a pleasure to work with".

Corporate values of the company:

  • Customer-oriented approach
  • Professionalism
  • Innovation
  • Honesty
  • Pleasure
  • Leadership


  • Credit rating of the insurance company, Sberbank Life Insurance estimated by Expert Rating Agency — А++ (extremely high level of reliability).
  • Rating of employer’s attractiveness of the insurance company, Sberbank Life Insurance estimated by Expert Rating Agency — А.hr (extremely high level of reliability).


In its first year of service the insurance company, Sberbank Life Insurance won certificates and awards:

  • March 2013 — The Best Investment Product 2013 category, Investor Аwards (Stock Market magazine).
  • September 2013 — Discovery of the year category, Russian Gold Salamander national insurance prize.
  • December 2013 — The Quickest Life Insurance Company Startup certificate, Retail Finance Award
  • December 2013 — The Best Legal Department certificate, Best Legal Departments, International competition.
  • June 2014 – Company of the Year in Long-term Endowment Insurance category, Financial Elite award.
  • June 2014 - Best Investment Product 2014 category, Investor Аwards (Stock Market magazine).
  • October 2014 – Leader of the Mortgage Insurance Market category, Fifth annual conference of the Expert Rating Agency (RAEX) “Real Estate Mortgage in Russia - 2014”
  • November 2014 – Leader of the Life Insurance Market category, project of the Expert Rating Agency (RAEX) “Future of the Life Insurance Market”

Participation in a professional association:

The insurance company, Sberbank Life Insurance has joined the All-Russian Union of Insurers Committee on development of the life insurance market and the Association of Life Insurers.

Phone number in case of query:

+7 (499) 707 07 37
8 800 555 55 95 (toll free)

Web-site of the insurance company, Sberbank Life Insurance: