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A replenishable deposit account with interest accrued on additional contributions.

When the Deposit Agreement between the Bank and the Client is made, the interest rate is set, which is equal to the Bank's interest rate effective as of the date of receipt of the Client's Statement of Acceptance to the Terms of Depositing Funds. Interest rates are set on a daily basis.

To deposit the funds on the proposed terms, you should submit a Statement of Acceptance to the bank, either in hard-copy, or using remote banking systems (Client-Sberbank automated system, SPAD AS, Sberbank Business Online AS, InternetBank AS).

A bank deposit agreement is executed based on the Statement of Acceptance of the Terms of Depositing Funds by legal entities, sole traders and private individuals engaged in professional private practice according to the procedure provided by the law of the Russian Federation, that regulates interaction between the parties and to the Terms of Deposit Accounts ("Special" / "Classic" / "Top-up" / "Revocable") published on the official website of the Bank and valid on the day when the Statement of Acceptance is accepted by the Bank.

If the Customer has a settlement account with the necessary amount on the balance in the branch of the Bank where the Statement of Acceptance is submitted, you may instruct the Bank to transfer the funds to the deposit account by providing the corresponding details of the Statement.

If necessary, you may execute a bilateral bank deposit agreement.