Bankcards are being used more and more broadly for payment of goods and services and increasingly replace cash. Cooperation with Sberbank in the acceptance of credit card payments will provide increased opportunities for the development of your business.

Cooperation with Sberbank would guarantee the following advantages for your business:

Why it is profitable to accept cards

Cooperation with Sberbank would guarantee the following advantages for your business:

An increase in the number of clients and turnover of your company due to:

  • Acquisition of new bank card holder clients;
  • Increase in the average purchase amount;
  • Unlimited amount of cash available to customers;
  • Cardholders are more likely to make spontaneous purchases;
  • Purchases on credit using credit cards.

Ease and security of payment:

  • No need to worry any more about fake notes and fraud;
  • Less cash held in cash registers;
  • Ease and convenience of working with cards;
  • Smaller queues to the cashier, as less time is wasted handing out change;
  • Reduction of cash collection costs;
  • Reduction in the number of cash transactions and recounting of coins in the cash register.

Beneficial terms of service and reimbursement of funds within the shortest possible time.

Joint partner programmes for Bank cardholders.

Why choose Sberbank

Sberbank is the largest bank in Russia providing cards, with long-term experience of operating on the acquiring market, its own processing centre and a team of highly skilled experts, which ensures a high level of service at minimum cost and helps avoid any leakage of confidential information.

How it works

  1. The company fills in an application form and signs the acquiring agreement with Sberbank.
  2. Sberbank installs the card acceptance equipment and trains the personnel in how to accept cards for payment.
  3. The Customer presents his/her card for payment.
  4. The transaction takes no more than a minute.
  5. Monies are credited to the organisation’s settlement account less the commission charge.