Corporate cards are Visa Business and MasterCard Business international payment cards, issued by Sberbank of Russia in the name of your authorised employees.

In addition to the full name of the holder, the name of your company is specified (embossed) on the corporate cards.

Corporate cards are valid for a period of three years.

Corporate Cards make it possible to:

  • Make cashless payments for goods and services
  • Withdraw cash both in Russia and abroad
  • Make cash payments to employees to cover their travel and entertainment expenses
  • No need to open a foreign currency account and purchase foreign currency, when an employee is sent outside the Russian Federation
  • Reduction of operating costs (compared with payment and acceptance of money to/by the employees "on account")
  • Effective cost management, analysis of the employees' expenditures and control over cash flow
  • The ability to promptly increase the spending limit of the employee’s corporate card, as and when necessary
  • Reduction of costs connected with collection of money via a bank casher
  • No need to spend their own funds, carry large amounts of cash or receive advance payments to cover travel expenses
  • In case of loss, the card can be easily blocked and the funds will be protected
  • The ability to withdraw funds from the corporate card account in any currency, at any time, in ATMs or cash points, in any country of the world
  • Using the corporate card to book a hotel room or tickets

Sberbank of Russia has introduced technology for protected online operations (using the Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode technologies) to make online purchases safe and secure.

Unlike the "standard" method of payment for an online purchase, you will be sent an additional request to confirm the operation.

To confirm the operation, you must enter a single-use password, which can be collected for free at Sberbank's ATMs upon entering you PIN number.

You will receive a receipt containing 10 single-use passwords. A single-use password, containing 8 figures and Latin letters, can be used for one operation only.

Sberbank cards enable the completion of online transactions in protected mode.
Visa Business – on websites using the technology

MasterCard Business – on websites using the technology

To avoid unlawful use of the card, keep single-use passwords in a place to which unauthorised persons have no access and do not pass them to others to complete operations. Please remember that, according to the terms of card use, the holder shall be responsible for the operations performed using single-use passwords.

If the receipt containing the passwords is lost, you must obtain another one. Once you receive the new receipt, you can no longer use the passwords from the old one.

To avoid compromising data relating to the card, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the International Bank Card Holder Checklist.