We offer cooperation in payment of salaries to your company’s (organisation’s) employees using Sberbank international cards.

Benefits of the Payroll Card Programme for your Company:

  • using Sberbank international cards will allow your company to obviate completely the need for recalculation, transportation, storage and accounting of large cash amounts, and the labour consuming manual procedure of their issue to each employee;
  • the entire process of salary payment will involve a lump-sum transfer of the total amount of payments and providing the bank with a list of employees to credit funds to the accounts of their international cards.

Benefits of the Payroll Card Programme for Employees:

  • Sberbank ATMs and offices are but a short walk away. Receiving salaries at Sberbank ATMs and offices saves you time and involves no additional costs;
  • payment for goods and services with the card both in Russia and abroad;
  • online monitoring of all operations via Mobile Bank;
  • access to favourable loans: employees using a salary card for at least 6 months are issued a credit card and offered reduced rates for mortgage and personal loans, and other loans are provided with minimum documentation;
  • with Sberbank Online you can manage your accounts online, repay loans issued by Sberbank and other credit institutions, and make wire payments for services*;
  • additional cards may be issued for a card account for your relatives or authorised persons.

Sberbank has extensive experience of providing services to commercial and budget organisations (including many ministries and government departments of the Russian Federation). As of today, Sberbank has issued over 43 million cards.

Sberbank is continuously developing its customer service network, which currently comprises over 13,900 cash points, and over 25,000 ATMs. Most of them provide round-the-clock services to clients.

* utility services, satellite television, Internet, mobile services, taxes, etc.