Sberbank of Russia is an active participant in the Russian and international money markets and one of the top ten operators performing conversions (currency exchange operations) on MICEX.

Correspondent banking relations and mutual limits for the performance of conversions with many leading world banks enable Sberbank of Russia to offer its clients the best price conditions on the money market.

Stable partnership relations with the banks of CIS and Baltic States, as well as availability of bank subsidiaries in Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus, allow Sberbank of Russia to perform conversions with the currencies of these countries at the request of its clients.

Sberbank of Russia makes conversions with more than 20 currencies, including: Russian rouble (RUB), US dollar (USD), common European currency (EUR), Australian dollar (AUD), Belarusian rouble (BYR), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Chinese yuan (CNY), Czech koruna (CZK), Danish krone (DKK), Estonian kroon (EEK), British pound (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), Kazakhstani tenge (KZT), Lithuanian litas (LTL), Latvian lats (LVL), Norwegian krone (NOK), Polish zloty (PLN), Swedish krona (SEK), Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH) and the dollar in settlements with India.

Bank services for currency conversions:

  • Performance of conversions at the exchange rate of the Bank with NO fee charged.
  • Execution of applications at the current market rate when performing operations on MICEX, with a fee charged according to the bank tariffs.
  • Conversions are performed either based on the client's orders submitted to the Bank in hard copy form, or via the Bank-Client system.

Major corporate customers are offered the opportunity to:

  • Perform conversions with "today", "tomorrow" and "spot" (second business day) settlements
  • Use the services provided on the forward market (forward operations)
  • Perform operations with currency derivatives (currency options)

For additional information about the terms of conversions, please contact your nearest Sberbank branch or the Sberbank Operations Department.


Contact for contract execution:
Tigran Oganesyan

Contact for conversion operations:
Reuters Dealing Code: SBRR
Andrey Lysenko