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Transportation of valuables using the Bank's cash collection service

List of Bank Services

Services provided to legal entities and sole traders

  • collection of cash;
  • delivery of cash and valuables to the company's cash office; (sample agreement form, application form for delivery)
  • delivery of coins/notes in exchange for notes/coins of another nominal value; transportation of cash assets and valuables, precious metal wares and precious stones between the corporate business units;
  • acceptance and crediting of monies collected by the cash collection service of Sberbank of Russia; (sample agreement form; sample agreement form for the Centralized Contract service)
  • acceptance and crediting of monies collected by a third-party carrier
  • acceptance and transfer of monies collected by the cash collection subdivisions of Sberbank of Russia to the client's account opened with another credit organisation
  • simultaneous delivery of coins/notes in exchange for the notes of another nominal value to the facilities of Sberbank's clients at the time of their opening
  • transportation of the clients' documents simultaneously with the cash collection; changing of available cash assets for their subsequent delivery to the client (by a third-party carrier)
  • delivery of the Bank's securities.
  • different options for handing over retail receipts, depending on the client's needs and capabilities;
  • the Bank branch network across the country facilitates the receipt and submission of cash at the most convenient location for the client;
  • cash collection service at a convenient time agreed with the client;
  • the tariffs are calculated for each client individually, depending on the servicing parameters, including the amount of cash assets transported/recounted, time of servicing, location, etc.;
  • the ability to draw up individual service plans;
  • preliminary order of a required sum with breakdown by banknotes, using the cash delivery service for payment of wages;
  • no maximum limit for the amount of cash to be collected (delivered);
  • bank's responsibility to a client from the moment cash is received by the collection official – to the extent of the sum actually received, but not exceeding the sum stated in the supporting document;
  • in-house accounting system providing prompt entry of the cash received on the client's accounts;
  • the ability to render services as part of the Centralised Agreement, meaning the possibility to remit the client's funds collected in different regions of the country to bank account(s) opened with Sberbank or another credit organisation;
  • the ability to file an application for conclusion of an agreement over the Internet;
  • availability of the Bank's own cash collection service;
  • special training of cash collection service specialists;
  • use of armoured vehicles;
  • control system for the cash collection process and vehicle movement;
  • availability of small firearms for cash collection officials.
  • provision of video materials on the process of recounting the cash presented by the client;
  • provision of information about the results of recounting the cash presented by the client;
  • urgent unscheduled cash collection - within 2 hours following the receipt of a phone request;
  • rendering the service "Consulting the client as to the protection elements and methods for determination of authenticity and acceptability of bills and coins of the Bank of Russia and foreign countries".