• The most secure form of international settlements for importers;
  • An optimal tool for funding import contracts.

What for?

  • Settlements with maximum protection of interests and reduced risk of non-delivery of goods;
  • If you do not have your own funds, you can receive loan funds from the Bank either in the currency of the letter of credit or in roubles for contractual payments (in order to form the letter of credit coverage) on special (preferential) terms.

Area of application

  • Import of goods, services, works and intellectual deliverables;
  • Purchase of shares;
  • Purchase of stakes.

Advantages and opportunities

  • Confidence that the payment shall be made only against the actual shipment of goods (performance of works/ provision of services);
  • Guarantee of delivery of goods of proper quality and completeness within the time limits stipulated by the contract;
  • An opportunity to request favourable purchase prices for goods by minimising the seller's risks;
  • Expert review of documents in accordance with international standards;
  • An opportunity to reduce the advance payment under an import contract;
  • High level of legal security (L/Cs are regulated by the unified international standards for documentary letters of credit).


In accordance with the Bank's catalogue of tariffs for trade finance transactions used in international settlements.

Terms of provision

  • Availability of a currency and settlement account at the Bank;
  • Execution of the transaction report (where necessary);
  • Provision of the L/C application and copy of the contract;
  • Provision L/C cover (using proprietary or loan resources) or making an agreement on the issue of an uncovered L/C with the Bank.


Moscow Bank - Trade Finance Operations Department