Form of payment.


Clients performing operations in Russia.

What for?

Making payments under the contract / agreement / transaction with the maximum protection of interests and reduction of risks (including non-payment and non-delivery risks)
For the buyer: If proprietary funds are unavailable, the ability to obtain loan resources from the Bank to make a contractual payment (for the purposes of providing L/C coverage) under special (preferential) conditions

Area of application

  • Purchase and sale of real estate
  • Purchase and sale of land lots
  • Management of housing stock exploitation (utility)
  • Wholesale and retail trade
  • Purchase and sale of shares
  • Purchase and sale of participatory interest
  • Production, agriculture, construction

Advantages and Opportunities

For the buyer:

  • Confidence that the payment shall be made only against the actual shipment of goods (performance of works/ provision of services)
  • Guarantee of delivery of goods of proper quality and completeness within the time limits stipulated by the contract
  • Possibility to buy products at a more profitable purchase price
  • Thorough and professional inspection of L/C-related documents by the banks
  • Possibility of a significant reduction of prepayment under the contract

For the seller:

  • Guarantee of payment before the shipment of goods
  • Prompt receipt of earnings
  • Receipt of earnings irrespective of the buyer's intent
  • Receipt of earnings before the receipt of goods


In accordance with the Bank's catalogue of tariffs for trade finance transactions performed in Russia

Terms of provision

Availability of a settlement account opened with the Bank for the issue of the L/C:

  • Provision of the L/C application and copy of the contract/agreement
  • Provision L/C cover (using proprietary or loan resources) or making an agreement on the issue of an uncovered L/C with the Bank

In addition to the said service, we offer you the opportunity to use the TFiDO product (TFiDO - trade financing and trade finance transactions) without tying up your own resources or borrowing them - "Uncovered letters of credit within the risk limit for the client".


Moscow Bank — Trade Finance Operations Department