Sberbank Business Online

Sberbank Business Online is a remote banking system, which enables the customer using a standard web-browser to prepare and send payment documents, obtain information on account activity, and interact with the Bank's officers by means of free-form message exchange and which has file applications for provision of certain services and banking products.


E-invoicing is an all-purpose system of electronic document management, which helps you to complete business tasks irrespective of the distance between the counterparties, the scale and nature of the business. This system eliminates the need to send hard copies of documents.

Other Systems

Client-Sberbank and IVR-system

To activate the remote banking service, you should contact the Bank's operations department that provides cash management services to your organisation and sign the contract for the service.

  • Reduction of costs for processing and storage of paper documents.
  • The possibility of performing real-time monitoring of payment documents and obtaining the latest data on the state of settlement accounts.
  • 24-hour access from anywhere in the world.
  • Tariffs applied to transactions made in remote banking are lower than those applied in standard banking.
  • Structured system of incoming and outgoing documents.
  • No need to visit the bank.
  • Operations may be performed by several customers.
  • Real-time access to additional reference information that the bank provides to its clients.