E-invoicing is an all-purpose system of electronic document management, which helps you to complete business tasks irrespective of the distance between counterparties, the scale and nature of the business. This system eliminates the need to send hard copies of documents.


  • Fast delivery of documentation
  • Fewer errors and a less labour-intensive process for their correction
  • Reduction of costs for the storage of documents
    Safety of documents
  • Control over relations with counterparties
  • A reduction of manual labour due to integration with ERP systems of the major clients and combination of formats with the most popular accounting systems (1C, Parus, etc.)
  • A wide range of analytical tools
  • Reduced postal costs
  • Invoices for payment
  • Invoices
  • Contracts and appendices
  • Structured orders for goods, works and services
  • Consignment notes
  • Acceptance certificates for works and services
  • Account reconciliation statements
  • Various forms of correspondence

The E-invoicing system is a significant step in business development, providing an opportunity to optimise business processes relating to the interaction of different organisations. Perfect your operations with Sberbank's innovative products.