New loan product for corporate customers from Agriculture Industry Companies.

Lending Period:

  • Up to 10 years - for the purchase of meat cattle, horses
  • Up to 8 years - for the purchase of dairy cattle
  • Up to 5 years - for the purchase of small cattle and pigs


  • Receiving the loan exclusively under the pledge of acquired property
  • Minimising the risk of the non-delivery of animals by using settlements with letters of credit
  • Providing loans in the amount of up to 80% of the agreement (contract) value for the purchase of livestock (depending on the type of livestock and creditworthiness of the borrower)
  • Grace period on repayment of principal for a period from 6 to 24 months (depending on the type of purchased animals)
  • Providing loans to the customer from the funds raised by Sberbank of Russia in the international markets to finance an export contract, which allows a reduction of the final cost of financing for the customer

What for?

  • Financing purchases of cattle and small cattle, horses and pigs of breeding age and of domestic and foreign origin to form/renew the breeding stock
  • Financing part of transport and other expenses arising in the purchase of livestock

Main Features:

  • Co-financing by the Borrower of at least 20% of the livestock's contract value
  • Purchasing of livestock is not part of the Borrower's investment project implemented under project financing
  • Total number of cattle/horses purchased by the Borrower should not exceed by more than twice the number of cattle/horses in the Borrower’s existing breeding stock, if the loan is repaid primarily (more than 50%) through the cash flows generated by implementing the project

Requirements for the Project and Borrower:

  • The Borrower should be a resident of Russia who uses a standard system of accounting and reporting
  • A business plan, draft agreement for the purchase of livestock
  • Experts on breeding the purchased livestock with no less than 3 years' experience and registered on the payroll or employed under contract
  • No less than 2 years' experience in breeding livestock
  • Own fodder base or fodder sources
  • Availability of premises and equipment necessary for keeping the livestock
  • For pig breeding, availability of pig breeding facilities that meet the requirements for Compartment IV protection


  • No loans provided for purchasing the livestock that is not approved for use in the Russian Federation, or is a breeding material to achieve protected selection
  • No loans provided for purchasing animals either placed or being purchased for placement in a quarantine zone aimed at preventing the spread and eliminating the hotbeds of infectious animal diseases