Loan product for customers from Agriculture Industry Companies engaged in the cultivation of crops.

Lending Period:

  • Up to 1.5 years.


  • Customer can obtain a loan secured exclusively by future crops
  • Depending on the lending period, the payments of the principal can be deferred for a period from 9 to 12 months until the harvest or storage of harvested crops.

What for?

  • For seasonal field works, such as sowing, summer treatment of crops, harvesting
  • To finance the purchase of mineral fertilizers, plant protection products, fuels and lubricants, spare parts and materials for the repairing agricultural machinery in order to conduct comprehensive seasonal field works aimed at cultivating grain and leguminous crops for export, exchange trading, and elevator storage

Main Features:

  • The person pledging future crops should be the Borrower
  • Insuring the pledged agricultural crops against the risk of loss (destruction) (Insurance Contract with the government support in accordance with requirements of Federal Law No. 260-FZ) and partial loss (shortfall) of agricultural crops (Insurance Contract without government support)
  • The insurer must reinsure the insurance portfolio in the reinsurance company with an international credit rating
  • The loan is provided after the sowing has been completed and receipt by the insurer of 100% insurance premium for the crops pledged to the Bank

Requirements for the Project and Borrower:

  • Lender - Sberbank of Russia
  • Borrower - a legal entity and resident of Russia who uses a standard system (not the simplified one) of accounting and reporting
  • Cultivation of crops offered as a pledge for the past 5 years
  • Availability of a feasibility study, to determine the recoverability of the loan
  • Implementation by the Borrower of agricultural measures in accordance with the Flow Process Chart for a specific crop, use of zoned and conditioned (high-quality) seeds, introducing the required number of seeds, mineral and organic fertilizers, crop protection products, complying with crop rotation for a specific crop
  • Availability of primary documents confirming the Borrower's costs for purchasing the seeds, fertilizers, plant protection products, fuels and lubricants and spare parts
  • Title over the land plot seeded with pledged future crops must belong to the borrower or be held under a lease agreement for a period exceeding the loan term by at least 60 days


  • No loans are provided against the pledge of agricultural crops, which are not specified in the Agricultural Insurance Plan for the relevant year in accordance with Federal Law No. 260-FZ
  • No pledge can include future crops, intended by the Borrower to form his own seed and/or feed stock, and the production (cultivation) of which by the Borrower have been unprofitable for the past 3 years