Main terms and conditions of the Bank for loan collateral and bank guarantees.

Types of Collateral

To secure the obligations of the Borrower/Principal, Sberbank of Russia accepts the following property:

  • precious metals and stones;
  • securities;
  • property assets (buildings and structures, land, machinery and equipment, vehicles, residential houses and apartments, goods and materials, enterprises as a property complex, purchased property, etc.);
  • guarantees and sureties (guarantees by the Russian Ministry of Finance, constituent and municipal entities of the Russian Federation, bank guarantees, corporate guarantees and sureties).

The collateral value of pledged property is determined with an adjustment factor established for each type of collateral.

The collateral value of security and/or the amount of surety and/or the amount of guarantee must cover:

  • The Borrower's obligations in the amount of the loan (facility limit) and interest calculated for the period of no less than 3 months;
  • The Principal's obligations in the amount of the guarantee and a fee charged for 1 month for compelling the Bank to divert its funds to repay the obligations to the Beneficiary.

Property Insurance

The pledged property must be insured against all risks, which may cause its destruction, loss, shortage or damage (when pledging vehicles – damage, theft (larceny, robbery, assault), loss or theft) in accordance with the Insurance Rules of the Insurer. The insurance may be provided by all insurance companies that meet the requirements of the Bank, including those in the list of accredited insurance companies.

Insurance is not required for securities, precious metals, property rights, purchased property before transferring title of ownership to the buyer.