A Sberbank corporate loan may be raised by any operating Russian resident legal entity or individual entrepreneur who has operated in such capacity for at least 1 year since their state registration and having no outstanding obligations to the Bank or other creditors.

Loans are provided for up to 1.5 years (up to 3 years for separate categories of clients defined by the Bank’s internal regulatory documents) in roubles or foreign currency, in monetary or bond form against collateral defined by the Bank. The need for collateral and its structure and amount is determined individually for each client, depending on the client's compliance with the parameters prescribed by the Bank’s internal regulations.

The interest rate is determined based on the financial market conditions, individual lending terms and the borrower's solvency. The amount and structure of fees are established subject to the lending terms, the peculiarities of the credited transaction and other factors. The source of loan repayment is the cash flow from the borrower's day-to-day production and financial activities.

To receive a loan, please apply to a Sberbank branch at the place of state registration of your company.

Purposes of Lending

Sberbank of Russia offers loans for the following purposes:

  • working capital loans (financing of daily operations, payment of taxes and duties, lease, repair, salary, advertising costs, etc.);
  • purchase of fixed or intangible assets;
  • financing capital repair and modernisation;
  • researchanddevelopment, pre-designanddesign work;
  • business expansion and consolidation;
  • redemption of debt to third-party creditors (loan refinance);
  • covering letters of credit.

Forms of Lending

Considering the peculiarities of the credited transaction, the borrower’s cash flows and your company’s needs, the Bank offers the following forms of lending:

  • a loan with a lump-sum of credit funds;
  • a revolving/non-revolving credit facility;
  • a revolving credit facility with differentiated rates;
  • a framework credit facility with issuance of loans under individual loan agreements, and agreements for a revolving (non-revolving) credit facility made under the Master Agreement for the Framework Credit Facility.


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