Financing of costs connected with the manufacture of products under contracts or within the framework of a production programme.

Lending regime

A non-revolving credit facility with a free or fixed loan drawdown schedule, loan agreement, general agreement on the opening of a framework facility.

Eligible Recipients

  • Organisations providing supplies (services) as part of:
  • Direct export contracts
  • Invoice factoring for export supplies
  • Contracts with exporters or consignors
  • Government contracts
  • Relating to supplies/services in the manufacture of military and civil products


Determined in accordance with the term for obtaining contract revenue.


The loan shall be repaid by way of contractual payments; contract revenue shall be used to repay the loan.


Exclusive security may be provided in the form of:

  • Pledge of right (claim) under the contract
  • Pledge of property constituting part of the total amount of the borrower's liabilities
  • Agent's surety (Federal State Unitary Enterprise Rosoboronexport/VIP-borrower of Sberbank of Russia)
  • Depending on the contractual terms/financial position of the
  • Borrower/customer making the contract

Additional conditions

Making payments under the financed contract, with the contract being the loan repayment source via Sberbank of Russia.