Loans provided for project financing in real estate.


PurposeFinancing real estate projects, including those connected with the purchase, design, construction and reconstruction of real estate.

Financed projects

- Residential building
- Office real estate
- Tourism real estate
- Hotels
- Commercial and entertainment real estate
- Storage real estate
- Other commercial real estate

Financed project stages

- Financing of costs connected with initiating the project, including purchase of rights for project implementation, construction in progress and purchase of shares/interest in the companies owning the assets
- Financing of project development costs
- Financing of construction costs
- Refinancing of costs incurred
- Refinancing of the real estate unit generating the cash flow.

Lending regimeOne-time loan, non-revolving credit facility, framework facility.
Eligible RecipientsLegal entities residing in Russia.
Loan periodUp to 10 years.
CurrencyRUB, USD, EUR.
Maximum amount

- project financing - up to 70% of investment value
- refinancing of commercial real estate units generating the approved cash flow - no more than 75% of the market value.

Interest rateFixed or floating interest rate where different interest rates are applied to different loan products. Interest rates can change depending on the project stage.
RepaymentThe principal debt is repaid according to the Borrower's individual schedule. Loan interest shall be paid monthly or quarterly in accordance with the terms of the loan agreement.


- pledge of rights in land (ownership, long-term lease)
- pledge of a real estate site
- pledge of property rights
- pledge of shares/interest
- pledge of assets not connected with the project
- sureties of creditworthy companies
- bank guarantees, etc.

 Additional  conditionsObligatory opening of the settlement account of the Borrower with the Bank.