If your company is engaged in commercial property construction projects (shopping centres, offices, warehouses, etc.), Sberbank has developed a special loan offer for you that takes into account the specific aspects of your industry.

We are ready to offer you financing of up to 70% of the project budget in project financing and up to 80% of the project budget in case of investment loans.

You can select your preferred loan currency, such as RUB, USD, EUR, and a lending period of up to 10 years, inclusive.

Project financing is the implementation of the SPV project by the company, while the investment loans are the project lending, where the main source of loan repayment is provided by the revenue from activities not related to the financed project.

Your Benefits

You can obtain not only long-term financing, but also an opportunity to raise funds for an engineering investor company.

The Bank will perform for you an expert building review of the project free of charge and offer tools to increase the effectiveness of investments.