Bank Services

For over 10 years, Sberbank has taken part in financing long-term investment projects in all sectors of the Russian economy, being a leader in terms of the volume of financing and the level of industry and product diversification.

The Bank has accumulated wide experience both in providing classical investment lending services and project funding, and in implementing non-standard complex financial products.

The Bank offers the following services for corporate clients:

  • medium and long-term financing of investment projects; 
  • M&A transaction finance; 
  • lease transaction finance; 
  • arrangement of bonded loan placement; 
  • issue of bank guarantees under financed projects; 
  • lending as part of export finance secured by the export agent's insurance. 

Forms and Terms of Lending

Lending is provided in the form of a lump-sum loan or by opening a credit facility both within the limits established for a company and based on individual investment projects.


Credit Department

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