Loans provided at a special interest rate using the bills of Sberbank of Russia 

Financing period: 

When purchasing the bills as part of financing:

  • Current activities - up to 3 years
  • Investment projects - up to 10-15-years


  • As part of one agreement, a loan can be provided both for purchasing bills and for other purposes
  • A special interest rate (that takes into account the absence of the Bank's costs in raising funds) is set for loans (part of a loan) directed to purchase the bills

What for?

  • To purchase a simple discount (zero discount) RUB- and foreign currency-denominated  bills payable "at sight but not before a specific date" or "on a specific date" with the currency matching the currency of the loan in order to use them in settlements with contractors as part of financing both current and investment activities


  • Interest rates are set individually and depend on a number of factors, including the lending period, financial condition of the borrower, quality and amount of provided security


  • A special interest rate can be established only for the part of the loan that is used to purchase the bills and, if the payment dates for all bills purchased with the loan are synchronised with the scheduled dates of loan repayment or occur later than the dates of loan repayment