Industrial Park* loan to finance the creation and development of a site for accommodating industrial and/or innovative production facilities.

Benefits of the Industrial Park loan

  • longer loan term;
  • reduced share of the borrower’s participatory interest in the project;
  • individual rate, repayment schedule and a grace period for redemption of the loan principal;
  • comprehensive servicing of your company and lessee companies (residents) of the industrial park;
  • the ability to attract prospective lessees of your industrial park from among Sberbank clients.

Lending terms


Corporate resident of the Russian Federation.

Loan purposes

 - acquisition/reconstruction/construction of real estate, utility and/or transport infrastructure of the Industrial Park;

- covering earlier Project costs;- refinancing of loans from other banks issued for similar purposes.

Loan term

- up to 12 years

- up to 14 years**

Interest rate

From 10.72%*** Fixed or variable. Interest rates can vary depending on the stage of the project implementation.

Loan currency

Russian roubles

Lending regimes

One-time loan, non-revolving credit facility, framework credit facility.

Borrower’s own funds in the Project

Over 20% of its investment value.

Loan amount

Maximum loan amount is limited only by the Borrower's financial standing and project budget.

Principal redemption grace period

Provided on an individual basis (at the investment stage of the project). 


- pledge of rights in land (ownership, long-term lease);

- pledge of a real estate;

- pledge of property rights, including to infrastructure facilities;

- pledge of shares / interests;

- pledge of assets not connected with the project;

- sureties of solvent companies;

- bank guarantees, etc.


Pledged property is subject to mandatory insurance.

Industrial Park financed facilities:

- landplots;

- production, warehouse, administrative, office and other property;

- utility infrastructure (including facilities and networks of water, gas, heat and power supply, water intake, water disposal, wastewater treatment, domestic waste processing and recycling);

- transport infrastructure (including roads and utility structures of the transport infrastructure, car parks, car checkpoints and logistics complexes (terminals)).

Financed stages of projects

- financing expenditure on initiating the project, including purchase of rights for the project implementation, construction in progress, and purchase of shares/interests in the companies owning the assets;

- financing of expenditure for the construction/reconstruction/acquisition of facilities;

- refinancing of costs incurred.

*The term “Industrial Park” refers to industrial parks, agricultural parks, technical parks, technopolises, and special economic zones.
**The period may be prolonged to 14 years to the extent of public financing of the Project.
***The interest rate is effective with the loan period of 60 months. The final interest rate depends on financial status of the Borrower. For more information on lending terms, please contact your customer manager at Sberbank of offices that serve corporate clients.