Finance of the supply chain, including cross-border trade operations of the clients, primarily export ones, including Commodity Trade Finance.

Financing period:

  • Up to 1 year (short-term, revolving loans)

Advantages and opportunities:

  • Full finance of export supply chain
  • Ability to apply different trade operation financing schemes depending on
  • Jurisdiction and type of security
  • Minimisation of non-payment and non-delivery risks due to the use of documentary instruments
  • Commodity trade finance: Granting loans to non-residents on the security of goods remaining in the exporting country and being transported by sea, as well as on the security of accounts receivable
  • Supply chain finance: Ability to apply financing schemes on the security of accounts receivable revolving pool and inventories (borrowing base) and other types of funded and unfunded finance.

What for?

  • Finance of Russian export and international trade


  • Margin and commission fee paid to the financing bank of Sberbank of Russia Group.
  • Restrictions:
    Commodity trade finance is provided against a minimum 100% security observing the self-liquidating principle.

If you are interested in this offer, we would be happy to provide more detailed information on the computation scheme, the list and types of required documents.

For additional information, please contact:

  1. your personal client manager;
  2. the subdivision of your regional bank responsible for trade finance and trade finance transactions;
  3. Moscow Bank - Department of Trade Finance and Trade Finance Transactions - 7-495-669-0736;
  4. Directorate for Trade Finance and Correspondent Relationship.


Moscow Bank - Trade Finance Operations Department