• Sberbank's clients interested in finance of their trade (foreign trade and domestic) operations without tying up working capital.


  • Sberbank sets the limit for the amount of uncovered L/Cs issued to each Client.

Advantages and opportunities:

  • The client is not obliged to have his own or borrowed funds at the date of issue of the L/C
  • The limit shall be reinstated without making additional agreements
  • Post-import finance may be organised (including under the guarantee of ECA)
  • Possibility of issuing the L/C in a currency different from the currency of the limit (multicurrency limit)
  • No security provided.

What for?

  • The client's settlement of payments with the product supplier without using the Client's own and/or borrowed funds at the date of issue of the L/C.


  • Limit establishment commission
  • Commission for confirmation of the L/C payment
  • Commission for the forced diversion of funds by the Bank (where necessary)
  • L/C commissions.


  • Decision on the limit establishment is made by the Loan Committee of the Bank
  • Arrangement and development of finance conditions is performed conjointly with the foreign banks, if the fundraising is required
  • Signature of Agreement on the Limit Establishment by the client and the bank.


  • Sberbank of Russia shall assess the credit risks in order to make a decision.


Moscow Bank - Trade Finance Operations Department