Long-term finance of contracts for the import of capital goods and services using funds of the foreign banks under the coverage of the export credit agency (ECA).


  • Importers of capital goods and services.

What for?

  • Import of equipment, machinery, processing lines, miniplants and related services for engineering, contract supervision, refinement, adjustment, etc.
  • Implementation of construction projects with the participation of foreign general contractors
  • Import of intellectual property rights
  • Import of research and development work.

Advantages and opportunities:

  • Attractive financing cost
  • Long period of financing
  • Grace period provided for the loan
  • Ability to raise funds in Russian currency for foreign currency contracts
  • Ability to minimise currency risks for the import contract
  • Qualified assistance of specialists regarding the structuring of transactions in the field of trade financing.


  • The financing amount can make up a significant part of the import contract amount and cover the part of expenses arising in the importing country, as well as those connected with project implementation
  • Finance is provided using the letter of credit payment method, in certain cases - by loans.

In addition to the said service, we offer you the opportunity to use the TFiDO product (TFiDO - trade financing and trade finance transactions) without tying up your own resources or borrowing - 'Uncovered letters of credit within the risk limit for the client'.


Moscow Bank - Trade Finance Operations Department