A payment under contract with the foreign supplier is made within the framework of the L/C.

A payment under the letter of credit in favour of the foreign exporter shall be performed by the foreign bank, which grants a delay of payment to Sberbank of Russia, which, in turn, grants a delay in payment to its client.

Financing period

  • Up to 7 years.

Subject of supply:

  • Import of consumer goods and services
  • Import of raw materials
  • Import of intellectual deliverables
  • Import of equipment, machinery and spare parts.

Advantages and opportunities:

  • On the one hand, you can minimise non-payment and non-delivery risks while, on the other, you can increase the purchase amount without tying up working capital
  • Lowering of commercial and financial risks of the client when performing operations with foreign suppliers
  • Qualified assistance of specialists
  • Low cost of financing on account of the funds raised by Sberbank of Russia on the international market
  • Ability to minimise the currency risks for the client - a rouble loan may be granted for the formation of L/C cover (to be converted in the L/C currency on the date of L/C issue).


  • Cost of finance provided by the foreign bank (depending on the term, currency of financing, seller's country)
  • Sberbank's rate for the loan for coverage (preferential terms)
  • Sberbank's L/C commissions.


  • Financial analysis of the client is required to assess the credit risk
  • No financing for: dual-purpose products, toxic materials and a number of other products.

In addition to the said service, we offer you the opportunity to use the TFiDO product (TFiDO - trade financing and trade finance transactions) without tying up your own resources or borrowing - 'Uncovered letters of credit within the risk limit for the client'.

If you are interested in this offer, we would be happy to provide more detailed information on the computation scheme applied for the service we offer, the list and types of required documents.


Moscow Bank - Trade Finance Operations Department