Loans are granted to the client on account of funds raised by Sberbank on the international market, which makes it possible to reducer the final cost of finance for the client.

Financing period

  • 1 - 5 years.

Advantages and opportunities:

  • The client can perform obligations under export/import contracts without tying up his own working capital
  • Attractive cost of financing
  • When financing an export contract, return of the loan funds can be ensured using export receipts.

What for?

  • Financing the manufacture of export products, including the purchase of raw materials and components required to produce goods for export
  • Financing import transactions
  • Finance of transport and other services connected with foreign trade operations.


  • Cost of financing of the foreign bank
  • Margin of Sberbank of Russia
  • Financing arrangement fee of Sberbank of Russia.


  • No financing for: dual-purpose products, toxic materials and a number of other products
  • Primarily in case of operations with counterparties from advanced countries.


Moscow Bank - Trade Finance Operations Department