The Bank's securing of financial obligations for a transaction.

Types of guarantees

Sberbank provides the following types of guarantees generally used in the international and Russian banking practices:

  • guarantees stipulated by export and import contracts, domestic market contracts, government and municipal contracts;
  • tender guarantees
  • guarantees issued in favour of tax authorities
  • guarantees issued in favour of customs authorities
  • guarantees issued in favour of the Russian Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation (Rosalkogolregulirovanie)
  • guarantee of execution of a securities repurchase offer
  • other types of guarantees stipulated under Russian law.


Guarantees issued by Sberbank of Russia represent an effective transaction security instrument.

Sberbank belongs to the category of Russian banks, whose guarantee obligations are preferential for most beneficiaries (including non-residents).

Almost all regional branches of Sberbank are listed in the Register of Banks Authorised by the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation to Issue Guarantees in Favour of Customs Authorities. The Bank may issue such guarantees in the maximum possible amount.

Sberbank of Russia is listed in the register of banks compliant with the requirements established for the acceptance of bank guarantees issued for tax purposes and guarantees issued in favour of the Russian Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation.

If necessary, the Bank may arrange for the issue of the guarantee by a first-class foreign bank against a counter-guarantee of Sberbank of Russia.

The forms used for execution of guarantees are made in accordance with requirements similar to those applied to the forms for securities (several degrees of protection, individual number).

Terms of Guarantee Provision

Sberbank of Russia issues guarantees to legal entities using the Bank's cash management services and which enjoy a stable financial position.

In order to obtain a guarantee of Sberbank of Russia, contact the lending department of the Bank that provides you cash management services (regional bank, branch, central head office) and present the required documents.

The amount of the guarantee issuing fee shall be established for each Client individually, based on the Client's financial position/guarantee period/type of guarantee and in accordance with the approved tariffs of the Bank.

The need for the security and the amount thereof shall be considered and determined individually for each Client, depending on the Client's compliance with the terms prescribed by the in-house regulations of the Bank.

Dear Clients,

Please note that there are no intermediary organisations authorised to issue bank guarantees on behalf of Sberbank of Russia.
To obtain a guarantee of Sberbank of Russia, you should contact the department of the Bank (regional bank, branch) directly.