Sberbank of Russia Corporate & Investment Banking (Sberbank CIB) is a leading market player and market maker in the Russian market of interest-rate derivatives.

Sberbank CIB offers a wide range of instruments:

  • interest rate forward (forward rate agreement);
  • interest rate swap (including overnight interest swap — OIS);
  • interest rate option;
  • cross currency and interest rate swap;
  • bi-currency deposit;
  • stock exchange derivatives available at the Moscow Exchange OJSC, including standardised derivatives with settlements through the Central Counterparty.

We may also offer individual solutions and combinations of the above instruments subject to the counterparties' interests and needs.

Over-the-counter operations are performed under the Master Agreement for Term Transactions on Financial Markets and within the established limits or on a prepayment and initial security terms (Floating Margin Payment Agreement).

*Russian rouble (RUB), US dollar (USD), common European currency (EUR), British pound (GBP), Japanese yen (JPY), Australian dollar (AUD), Canadian dollar (CAD), Swiss franc (CHF), Swedish krona (SEK), Norwegian krone (NOK), Danish krone (DKK), Chinese yuan (CNY) , Singapore dollar (SGD), Czech koruna (CZK), Turkish lira (TRY), Hungarian forint (HUF), Croatian kuna (HRK), Polish zloty (PLN), Kazakh tenge (KZT), Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), Belarusian rouble (BYR), etc.


Reuters Dealing Code: SBRR
Bloomberg: SBER