Sberbank CIB has played a key role in the development of the structured products market in Russia.

Currently, the company is a leading supplier of structured financial solutions for corporate clients and institutional investors. Structured products imply a flexible approach to solving a number of risk management tasks for all classes of assets, taking into account the individual needs of a certain client, including capital protection, asset diversification, risk hedging, and optimisation of the investment risk-to-return ratio. For instance, corporate clients often use structured products as a hedging instrument.

The most common risks encountered by the companies include changes in currency rates, interest rates and commodity prices. For each of the above changes, a number of structured financial solutions may be developed, making it possible to reduce clients’ exposure to a certain risk. Moreover, structured products may be used by corporate clients to establish a balance between the costs of debt servicing and the income (so-called "structured financing").

The specialists of our company’s structured products department have extensive experience of work on international financial markets, and profound knowledge of all classes of assets. Thus, we can offer our clients a wide range of financial solutions, developed subject to their specific needs and enabling them to solve virtually any tasks.

Our unique work experience on the Russian market and profound understanding of all peculiarities of the national economy, its key sectors and market trends are a guarantee for Sberbank CIB clients that the financial solutions we offer are among the latest and most competitive on the market.