The Corporate Pension Programme is a tool for managing your personnel that helps to improve profitability, optimize financial flows, and achieve the social and HR objectives of the Company.

The CPP is an important part of your personnel compensation system and an effective tool for long-term HR policy of the Company.

CPP Goals:

  • Managerial:  creating an effective mechanism for optimizing personnel, attracting and retaining professional employees, increasing personnel motivation for career growth in the Company.
  • Financial: increasing the quality and productivity of work, optimizing costs of the company's financial package, reducing expenses on recruitment and training of qualified personnel.
  • Social: increasing loyalty of the personnel, preventing social conflicts in the company, developing social partnership between employer and employees.

The employees of Sberbank of Russia  and Sberbank Private Pension Fund are ready to provide the Companies with assistance on all issues arising during development and implementation of the CPP.

* Sberbank Private Pension Fund (Fund) was established on March 17, 1995. It is a non-profit organisation with perpetual licence No. 41/2 for pension and pension insurance activities issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service   on June 16, 2009. Primary state number in the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities No. 1027739317924 of October 4, 2002.

The Fund is located at 14 Shosse Entusiastov, Moscow, 111024 Russian Federation 

Sberbank of Russia is the sole founder of the Fund.

For more information about the Fund, Managing Companies, Special Depositary, Auditor and Actuary of the Fund, please visit the website of Sberbank Private Pension Fund at or call the Fund at : +7 (495) 785 3887.

To conclude a contract, contact Sberbank of Russia or Sberbank Private Pension Fund by calling at:
8 (495) 784-73-87 or via e-mail: