Special Depository

Sberbank Special Depository, LLC, a 100% subsidiary of Sberbank of Russia, is a universal specialised depository.

Sberbank Special Depository provides services* to:

  • Issuers of mortgage securities for the maintenance of a mortgage register;
  • Insurance companies;
  • Management companies of mutual funds of all types and categories;
  • Private pension funds and management companies contracting with them;
  • Self-regulated organisations.

Sberbank Special Depository, as part of its special depository mortgage services, can offer the following services to issuers of mortgage securities:

  • verification of mortgages for their compliance with the applicable law, including the law on mortgage securities;
  • custody accounting and safekeeping of mortgages;
  • custody of mortgages in regional offices of Sberbank of Russia;
  • acceptance of mortgages and related documents for custody at the place of custody agreed upon with the client;
  • making of a mortgage register for the issue by the issuer of mortgage bonds;
  • ensuring the fact of pledge registration, including based on a special pledge endorsement on the mortgage;
  • addition, withdrawal, copying of related documents, and ensuring the endorsement of mortgages issued in various regions.

The insurance companies serviced by Sberbank Special Depository will be able to:

  • make informed decisions for independent investments;
  • have consolidated information on the results of the trust management of funds transferred to management companies, including on their compliance with the investment declarations;
  • determine and adopt measures to prevent potential violations;
  • ensure timely compilation of required reports to be submitted to the insurance supervision authority and their compliance with insurance laws;
  • receive prompt qualified legal assistance, including those which relate to transactions connected with the placement of insurance reserve funds and equity funds of the insurance company, and interaction with management companies.

In addition to the standard services provided by a special depository, Sberbank Special Depository offers a wide range of additional services to the management companies of mutual funds, including:

  • prompt processing of large volumes of documents and online access to operations in the register;
  • comprehensive legal consulting;
  • outsourced accounting of rent mutual funds. The service includes of the complete procedure for preparation of source documents for a management company, as well as management reports allowing for mutual fund property management with maximum efficiency.

Sberbank Special Depository offers private pension funds additional information and analytical support, including:

  • daily assessment of the aggregate market value of the private pension funds’ pension reserves and the market value of assets, in which pension reserve funds were invested, by the portfolios managed by the private pension funds and management companies;
  • preparation of data for business and tax accounting of financial investments;
  • calculation of a return on assets according to individual methodologies offered by private pension funds.

In its interaction with its clients, Sberbank Special Depository uses a state-of-the-art system of electronic document flow, which significantly reduces its labour costs and ensures instant delivery of documents to the process participants.

Sberbank Special Depository specialists have many years’ experience of working on the collective investment market, which ensures a high quality of our services, and the technologies used guarantee prompt processing of large volumes of information.

*Based on Licence No. 22-000-0-00097 issued by the Federal Financial Markets Service on 5 October 2010 for acting as a special depository of investment funds, mutual funds and private pension funds.