Cooperation with the one of the leaders of the national banking system allows respondent banks to become the part of a unique settlement network Sberbank, which includes Nostro correspondent accounts in the first-class foreign banks, Loro correspondent accounts for 500 Russian credit organizations and over 200 non-resident banks from 44 countries in 29 currencies and precious metals

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Opening and managing correspondent accounts in Russian Roubles and  those foreign currencies, in which Bank have Nostro accounts (with taking into account the  requirements of provider-banks of  settlement services in these currencies)

Opening and managing correspondent accounts in Russian Roubles with the provision of credit in he form of an overdraft (for non-resident banks with the availability of the agreement)

Settlement of accounts in excess of the established operational time on the current operational day with for an extra charge

Opening and managing unallocated bullion accounts in gold, silver, platinum and palladium

Opening and managing savings account in currency for the payment of the authorized capital

«Booking» (support of the irreducible balance) of funds on Loro accounts under the terms of interest charging with the rates of interbank market. (with the availability of the agreement)

Implementation of payments with conversion (with the availability of the agreement)

Implementation of cash receiving and disbursement from  correspondent accounts in foreign currency within the limits of maximum volume of transactions with a single respondent for resident-banks (with the availability of the agreement)

Settlement of accounts on behalf of client, including foreign-trade operations

Settlement of accounts of interbank transactions (conversional, deposit, banknote)

Organization of electronic document management

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The anti-money laundering policies, procedures and controls adopted by Sberbank are governed by the Internal Control Regulations Against Legalisation/Laundering of Criminal Proceeds which fully comply with the requirements of the Federal Anti-Money Laundering Law. This regulatory document is based on the FATF International Standards on Combating Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism & Proliferation (the FATF Recommendations)

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Sber FinLine is a comprehensive solution for financial institutions in correspondent accounts management worldwide

The system allows the exchange of payment instruments, such as to receive the necessary set of online services: providing the information on the flow of funds on the account, the current liquidity status of the account, service settings and so on

The system allows the exchange of  payment instruments, such as to receive the necessary set of online services: providing the information on the flow of funds on the account, the current liquidity status of the account, service settings and so on

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