Transportation of valuables by the Bank's cash collection service


  • The Bank branch network across the country facilitates the receipt and submission of cash at the most convenient location for the client
  • Cash collection service at a convenient time agreed with the client
  • Preliminary order of a required sum with breakdown by banknotes – using the cash delivery service for payment of wages
  • No limits on the sum of cash to be encashed (delivered)
  • Bank's responsibility to a client from the moment cash is received by the collection official – to the extent of the sum actually received
  • In-house accounting system providing prompt entry of the cash received on the client's accounts
  • For network clients – cash collection services without opening individual banking accounts for their subdivisions. The client's money collected in different regions of the country can be cleared on his/her bank account at Sberbank – the Centralized Agreement service
  • Bank's own cash collection service
  • Special training for cash collection officials
  • Armoured vehicles
  • Control system for the cash collection process and vehicle movement
  • Availability of small firearms for cash collection officials
  • Individual tariffs for cash collection services for each client, depending upon the service requirements, quantity of valuables being transported, time for conducting the operation and the location

The Bank renders the following services to credit organizations:

  • Bank of Russia money delivery from credit organizations to the Bank of Russia agency (sample agreement form) (available only in Russian), and from the Bank of Russia agency to credit organizations (sample agreement form) (available only in Russian)
  • Maintenance of self-service terminals (sample agreement form) (available only in Russian)
  • Transportation of cash and valuables between credit organization departments (sample agreement form) (available only in Russian)
  • Maintenance of automatic vaults (sample agreement form) (available only in Russian)
  • Bank of Russia money delivery from one credit organization to another (sample agreement form) (available only in Russian)
  1. For signing an agreement on cash collection (delivery) services for sites within Moscow, complete the Customer Questionnaire (available only in Russian); for sites in other areas – Customer Card (available only in Russian).
  2. Contact the Sberbank branch in the place in which you hold an account or any appropriate subdivision that services legal entities.
  3. A cash collection official will examine the site(s) for payment collection in accordance with security requirements. The Bank will then prepare tariff offers and the corresponding draft agreements for you.
  4. If you accept terms offered the relevant agreements between you and the Bank will be signed.

In the case of collection using cash bags:

  • Ensure the availability of sealers as well as a reserve of seals and string for sealing bags with cash and valuables
  • Provide the bank's cash collection division with two (three, if necessary) samples of a seal impression for sealing bags with valuables. The organization's seal impression contains the number and the client's abbreviated name or its logo.

When using disposable polythene bags:

  • If the Bank branch supplies clients with disposable polythene bags – obtain the bags at the Bank branch
  • If the client purchases its own disposable polythene bags – ensure the bags on site correspond to Sberbank requirements and provide the Bank cash collection department with three samples of the packaging with a description of its appearance. The packaging description contains a brief statement about the material, the external appearance of the packaging of money cash and valuables, means of security, labelling (if required), individual numbers and other distinguishing features of the packaging.
  • Concentration of all cash flows in one account
  • No need to open a local account
  • Ability to have a single tariff for the entire coverage of the company's business
  • Signing documents at a single point
  • Optimization of payments for Bank services
  • A dedicated contact person at the Bank (convenient with a wide branch network)
  • The company maintains just one agreement (rather than dozens)

1. What security requirements are imposed on the cash collection premises?

Main requirements:

  • Free and well-lit access roads and the availability of an isolated room for the receiving and distribution of cash and valuables to collectors.
  • No persons not engaged in the cash collection operation in the cash room, excluding managers of the Bank or the Bank branch, the client, or persons appointed by them for checking the work of the collection officers or cashiers.

2. Are bags, sealers, seals and strings provided or should I purchase them myself?

According to the Agreement terms the Bank delivers only a cash bag with an individual number for temporary use. Disposable polyethylene bags are either delivered by the Bank (Centralized Agreement), or purchased from a third party. All other accessories likewise have to be purchased from third parties.

3. After how long will the money collected be credited to the account?

Monies are credited to the account no later than the next working day after the receipt of cash during a working day. If cash is received after working hours by the Bank's night depository — no later than the second business day.

4. Can the cash collection time differ from the time requested?

Sometimes the requested time may coincide with the time for cash collection at another site. In such cases you may be offered an alternative cash collection time, as close as possible to your requested time.

5. In what cases is the Repeat Call service to be paid for?

If when collection officers arrive at the site the cash cannot be delivered for a reason beyond the control of the Bank, then a repeat call is arranged. Its cost is determined according to the corresponding paragraph of the Agreement.

6. Can collection officers encash in the presence of unauthorized company workers or clients?

Cash collection is carried out only in the presence of an authorized person and only in a specially designated premises.

7. Does the cash collection service make night calls?

Upon agreement with the Bank branch, the cash collection operation can also be organized at night.

8. How can I reduce a tariff under the existing agreement?

The tariff rate for the collection/receiving service can be reduced by increasing the amount of encashed turnover, by reducing the frequency of collection officers' calls, by switching to cash collection in the automatic vault, or by using other kinds of banking services.