As the leading provider of Trade and Export Finance services in Russia, Sberbank, is ready to support your business in all countries where it has a presence.

Sberbank is the leading bank for international Trade and Export Finance in Russia as well as in the market of documentary operations in Russian Rubles. Having the dominant position in Russia, Sberbank provides its customers (both corporates and FIs) with the full range of trade and export finance products and documentary services, generating an average annual volume of business in excess of $30 billion.

Core competitive advantages.
The most widespread branch network in Russia with dedicated trade finance teams provides Sberbank with strong distribution channels of trade finance services across its client base Subsidiaries in Switzerland, Turkey, Eastern Europe and CIS, as well as a branch in India and representative offices in China and Germany, support further expansion of Sberbank’s trade finance business activities

A worldwide network of counterparty banks enables Sberbank to service clients' trade regardless of the region of export/import and destination

Flexibility in terms of tenors and amounts of trade finance transactions Trustworthy reputation among corporate clients as well as in the interbank market Highly professional staff in all countries where it has a presence.

Mutually beneficial cooperation between Sberbank and its counterparties is based on long-standing relations and is aimed at providing best quality solutions to develop Sberbank clients’ international activities as well as to support the strategic goals of the Russian Federation.