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  • FX spots, swaps and forwards1
  • Sberbank’s liquidity
  • Professional solution for financial institutions and corporations

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Main Advantages​

Wide choice of currencies

Trade transactions with main world currencies2 (USD, EUR, JPY,
GPB, CHF, CAD, NOK, SEK) and emerging market currencies
(CNH, TRD, KZT, RUB and others)2


Convenient settlement terms

Available settlement dates: TOD (T+0)3, TOM (T+1)3, SP (T+2)3, forward contracts and swap transactions for a period of up to two years


Centralization of holding company trades

Setting group orders for all companies under a holding in the same window; trading and viewing terminals for employees

Work with any trade volume

Transactions on flow rates or according to particular requests using any currency pair and without minimum transaction volume restrictions4

Access to Sberbank’s Liquidity

Wide market liquidity pool: access to the interbank market and international liquidity centers provides more liquidity for common currency pairs

Own liquidity: Sberbank’s own rates are based both on current market rates and Sberbank’s positions and limits on other transaction types

High quality execution: significant volumes of Sberbank trade operations mean that clients’ large orders can be executed with less influence on the external market rather than direct execution in the order book, which is extremely important during periods of low liquidity or high volatility

Quotes for large volumes: large transactions can be executed instantly with a fixed price for the whole order in comparison with minor participants, who are forced to collect full volume from external sources

Convenient and Multifunctional Trading Terminal*

Agile Interface

  • Any window can be moved outside the main terminal
  • Bank’s price graphs and technical analysis indicators
  • Displays limits, transaction and order history, messages
  • Built-in chat for communicating with client support team
  • SMS and email notifications of events (transaction execution, rate alerts)

Trade and Integration

  • Possible order types: Market, FOK, GFD5
  • Possibility of data export to other systems in real-time via DDE and ODBC
  • API for importing transactions prepared by external software into the terminal
  • Printing of transaction reports


Two types of client authorization:

  • Multilevel protection: two-factor authorization with login/password and SMS code or special USB tokens
  • Flexible separation of user rights, company trading activity display for all client users

Settlement Convenience

For corporate clients:

  • Automatic settlements on Sberbank accounts
  • Client sends settlement instructions from any account and Sberbank sets a counter pay order according to the preset settlements instructions
  • Confirmation of transactions with a choice of settlement details in Sberbank Business Online

For financial institutions:

  • Settlements using standard bank details with the option of SWIFT confirmation

Client Support

Clients can contact the Sberbank Markets Client Support team via direct phone number, email and in online chat.

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*Trading terminal developed by ARQA Technologies;

FX spot — a transaction with a valuation date today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow; Swap — a transaction which consists of two counter conversion transactions for the same underlying amount with different valuation dates; Forward — a transaction with a future valuation date (ranging from the day after tomorrow to in two years’ time)
Available currencies: RUB (Russian ruble), CNH (Chinese yuan), USD (US dollar), EUR (euro), CAD (Canadian dollar), JPY (Japanese yen), NOK (Norwegian krone), GBP (British pound sterling), SEK (Swedish krona), CHF (Swiss franc), SGD (Singapore dollar), TRY (Turkish lira), HKD (Hong Kong dollar), BYN (Belarusian ruble), PLN (Polish złoty), DKK (Danish krone), CZK (Czech koruna), KZT (Kazakhstani tenge)
TOD – a transaction with the valuation date Т+0, TOM – a transaction with the valuation date T+1, SP – a transaction with valuation date T+2
Minimum transaction size is limited to the whole unit of a currency
Market – order is executed at market price, FOK (Fill or Kill) – instant transaction execution at current price or transaction rejection, GFD (Good for Day) – transaction execution at a price set by the client

Electronic trading system Sberbank Markets (hereinafter “Sberbank Markets”) is a set of software and hardware designed for legal entities to make deals with foreign currency that complements traditional transaction channels – telephone conversations and chatrooms of third-party electronic systems.

The information contained herein is not intended for distribution or use in any state or jurisdiction where such distribution violates the law and/or requires to be registered.
Any investment in securities, other financial instruments, etc. mentioned herein may involve significant risk, or turn out to be ineffective or inadvisable for one or another category of client. The effectiveness and/or profitability of the activities described herein are not guaranteed. It is necessary to have certain knowledge and experience in financial matters, including matters concerning the analysis of advantages and risks inherent in investing in specific financial instruments.
Investors should independently evaluate the legality of transactions they perform after reviewing the Company’s materials, in accordance with the legislation on economic sanctions or other regulatory acts that regulate their investment activities. Electronic interaction with Sberbank Markets is only one of the ways to conclude deals, and, if it is not possible to conclude transactions through Sberbank Markets, the client can apply to the Bank in order to carry out deals in any other way provided by the FX Agreement.

Public Joint-Stock Company Sberbank:
• General License issued by the Bank of Russia for Carrying Out Banking Operations № 1481 dated 11.08.2015;
• Professional Securities Market Participant License for Carrying Out Broker Activities № 077-02894-100000 dated 27.11.2000;
• Professional Securities Market Participant License for Carrying Out Dealer Activities № 077-03004-010000 dated 27.11.2000;
• Professional Securities Market Participant License for Carrying Out Depository Activities № 077-02768-000100 dated 08.11.2000.
Russia, Moscow, 117997, 19 Vavilova Street, Tel. +7 (495) 500 55 50, 8 800 555 55 50;

This information product has no age limit. 0+. Please contact your client manager for more information about Sberbank Markets.