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. Currency exchange rates with Sberbank Online better than in branches.All rates
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Purchase foreign curency with Sberbank Online and get your cash at a bank branch

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Purchase foreign curency with Sberbank Online and get your cash at a bank branch

Debit cards

Paying with Sberbank card you collect SPASIBO bonuses that can be exchanged for discounts up to 99%.


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Cross-border transfers

Send money online

Quick and reliable way to send money to more than 200 countries around the world.

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Money transfers all over the world from more than 10 000 bank offices around Russia. 

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Transfers within Russia

Send money to Sberbank or other bank card by telephone or account number. 

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Check your balance, send money, pay bills, exchange currency and save for your goals. Track your transfers in real time

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Open an account that meets your needs: we offer different types of deposits from online saving accounts to fixed-term and metal accounts.

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Loans & mortgages

Apply for loan from Sberbank designed for your needs and achieve your life’s goals. 

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+7 495 500-55-50
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If you suspect you may have been scammed, please call us right away. We will guide you on what to do next.

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Сall the number 900

On your mobile phone if you are inside Russia. Calls are free

Сall the number +7 495 500-55-50

For calls from anywhere in the world, at the operator's rates

About Sberbank

Sberbank is the largest Bank in Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, one of the leading international financial institutions.

We give people confidence and reliability, make their lives better, helping to realize aspirations and dreams.

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