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Visa Virtual & MasterCard Virtual Debit Cards

Low-fee bank cards with no physical carrier card are ideal for online payment for goods and services, including using electronic wallets.

  • Service fee — RUB 60 per year
  • Linking the card to electronic wallets
  • Available only for residents of Moscow

The virtual card does not have a physical carrier card, yet it possesses all the details required for use:

  • a 16-digit number and the card expiry date that are shown in the client's Personal Account at Sberbank Online
  • a CVV2 or CVC2 three-digit security code.

The code is sent to the client's mobile phone via text message. To pay online, specify all the required details, and a Latin transcription of your name and surname.

Payment system:Visa, MasterCard
Currency of card account:RUB
Card effective period:3 years
Service fee:RUB 60 per year
Electronic chip protection:no
Issue of additional bank cards:no
Overdraft limit:no
Issued as part of a payroll card programme:no

Card issue terms and conditions

Requirements for the customer:

  • A citizen of the Russian Federation who lives in Moscow;
  • A customer of Sberbank of Russia;
  • Has concluded the General Bank Services Agreement;
  • Has Sberbank Online and Mobile Bank services enabled;
  • Has a valid main debit card of Sberbank of Russia.

The Bank may decide to issue a card to non-residents of the Russian Federation and persons with no permanent residence on an individual basis.

To obtain a card:

  1. Call the Bank's customer service number +7 495 500-00-05 or 8-800-200-37-47;
  2. Have your valid main Sberbank debit card, issued within the effective territory of the GBSA (or its details) ready.

Attention! You can receive only one Visa Virtual card and one MasterCard Virtual card.

  • Account management via Mobile Bank and Sberbank Online remote services.
  • Online payment for goods and services
  • Payment and transfer via Mobile Bank and Sberbank Online
  • Card account replenishment by cashless settlement (transfer to a card)
  • Linking the card to Paypal, Qiwi etc.

The card account is replenished by cashless settlement via Sberbank Online or self-service terminals of Sberbank of Russia via a "transfer from card to card" transaction.


Card Locking in Case of Loss