Savings Certificate

A security for saving and accruing funds at a higher yield than on deposits.

  • Annual Interest Rate: 
    — depends on amount and deposit term
  • Deposit Term: From 91 to 1095 days
  • No top-ups
  • No partial withdrawals
  • Minimum Amount: 
    — RUB 10,000
Deposit term91 days (3 months) – 1095 days (3 years)
Minimum amount10,000
Top-upNot allowed
Partial withdrawalNot allowed

Interest Calculation:

  • The interest is calculated at the end of the term.

Early Termination:

When the Savings Certificate is called early, the income is calculated based on the actual period that the funds have been held on the Savings Certificate and at an interest rate of 0.01% p.a., effective at the date when the Savings Certificate is submitted for payment.

If the deposit is closed early, the interest will be recalculated without the monthly interest capitalization.

Terms of Renewal:

No renewal allowed

Special Terms:

  • With a Savings Certificate, you can:

Give it as a gift to friends or relatives (the certificate is in bearer form — you can just hand it over). Leave it in the Bank for safekeeping (free service).

If you lose your Savings Certificate, you can restore your title to it by applying to the court.
Note! Not all Sberbank offices perform transactions with Savings Certificates. For full information please refer to the List of offices issuing Savings Certificates.

  • Contact your local Sberbank branch that performs transactions with Savings Certificates. Bring your passport or other identity document.
  • Specify the number of purchased certificates, their par value and term. The interest rate depends on selected terms.
  • Pay for the certificate in cash or with funds held in your Sberbank account.
  • Receive your Savings Certificate.