Sberbank of Russia offers its customers a "Trace Accounts" service. This service allows the customer to trace:

  • Deposit Accounts;
  • Savings Accounts;
  • Unallocated Bullion Accounts (UBA).

The accounts can be traced at the request of the Account Holder, Trustee of the Account Holder or Legal Guardian of the Account Holder.

In most cases, to trace your accounts, all you need is to:

  • Conclude a General Bank Services Agreement;;
  • Get a login and password at a Self-Service Terminal/ATM to register with ;
  • Register with Sberbank Online.

When you log into Sberbank Online, the "Deposits and Accounts" section will display information on all deposits, savings accounts, UBAs within the service area where the General Bank Services Agreement has been concluded, as well as the information on all bank cards opened at Sberbank.

However, if the customer, for example, after a change in his/her name and/or passport details fails to notify the Bank, within the territory of which he/she has concluded the General Bank Services Agreement, the displayed list of deposits and accounts may be incomplete. 
In this case, the customer should contact any branch office of Sberbank to trace his/her accounts. To trace your accounts, fill in the Application, with personal details, population centres, cities and regions of Russia where   the accounts must be traced, and information on changes in the name, place of residence (registration) and passport details (if any).

The accounts in Sberbank are traced free of charge.   The period for providing a response can be up to 30 calendar days. 

At the request of the customer, the results of tracing the account(s) may be sent:

  • Via Russian Post by registered mail;
  • To the e-mail address of the customer.

A separate General Bank Services Agreement is effective within the territory of each regional bank.

The period for providing the response depends on the complexity of the request, including the search area, how long ago the account was opened, the status of traced accounts (current/closed), and other parameters.