Sberbank payment terminals and ATMs enable you to complete basic bank operations round the clock not only using your bankcard, but with cash.

You can quickly and easily

  • Pay for utility services
  • Pay for mobile phone services
  • Top up your card
  • Enable Sberbank Online

You can also

​​Complete financial operations

Withdraw cash in large denominations or with change

Deposit cash on your accounts

Top up electronic wallets

Change the PIN code of your bankcard

Save time


Pay for mobile and other services

Pay for utilities

Pay State Traffic Safety Inspectorate fines and taxes

Make loan payments, including to other banks

Make automatic regular payments for mobile services

​​Make a profit


Deposits with a higher interest rate

Payment for services at a reduced fee

Enabling Mobile Bank and Sberbank Online

Joining the Thank You from Sberbank loyalty programme

​​Always keep informed of your finances

Information on account balances

Mini statement on any account

Information on the Thank You from Sberbank personal bonus account