June 20-21
Moscow, World Trade Center, Congress Center

The International Cybersecurity Congress is the highlight of Global Cyber Week, and will take place on 20–21 June 2019.

Global Cyber Week will run from 17 to 21 June in Moscow, and will be the largest industry event in Russia and Eastern Europe. It will encompass a range of forums focusing on specific sectors, which will bring together Russian and international government representatives, figures from international organizations and multinational corporations, and independent industry experts and researchers.

Global Cyber Week will open with OFFZONE, a practical cybersecurity conference which will run from 17 to 18 June. The event will feature talks by some of the world’s leading experts, technical workshops, large-scale Capture the Flag (CTF) ethical hacking competitions, and much more.

The conference will be followed by Cyber Polygon – an online cyber training session on ways companies can engage in international cooperation to combat digital threats. It will include simulations of some of the most common types of attacks on the training infrastructures of participating companies. Their level of success will be monitored by observers in real time via the website.

The key event of Global Cyber Week will be the International Cybersecurity Congress (ICC), which will take place on 20–21 June at the World Trade Center Moscow. The ICC is a unique platform that brings together government representatives, international business leaders, and renowned industry experts to engage in an open dialogue on the most pressing issues affecting cybersecurity amid global digitalization. The first ICC was organized by Sberbank with the support of the Association of Banks of Russia and Digital Economy – an independent non-profit organization. Taking place in Moscow on 5–6 July 2018, the event attracted more than 2,500 participants, as well as 700 organizations from over 50 countries worldwide. President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin gave an opening speech, in which he personally welcomed guests.

This year’s event will open on 20 June with a wide-ranging programme which will include numerous thematic sessions, panel discussions, and roundtables, which will be attended by global business leaders, government officials, academics, and key industry professionals.

The main events of the ICC will take place on 21 June. On this day, participants will discuss global strategies and new approaches to international cooperation in cybersecurity.

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